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When someone books me for a wedding I can allow for most eventualities but when it comes to weather and location, I’ve got to think on my feet. I always preplan the day and arrange a wet weather alternative so, when I’m working, I only need to think about the photography.  

The biggest challenges come with the management of bright sunlight. At a wedding I did last weekend for a couple in Bolton at Ridgmont House, the weather was glorious, really hot and not a cloud in the sky. The bride was in white and the bridesmaids were in bright, reflective, pastel colours. The light reflected by the dresses was so intense it would have looked dreadful. It had to be diffused but most of the tree cover in the grounds was either inaccessible or inappropriate. My only option was to use an isolated tree growing in the centre of a lawn. The shade it cast was fine for small groups but large groups were forced out into the sunlight. This meant there had to be some creative group management to ensure that light fell evenly across the group. 

It went really well and thanks to the cooperation of the guests (and the tree), I managed to get some really great shots. 


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