Variety....the spice of lifeTravel photography Nepal: Variety….the spice of life

I’ve finally accepted that I suffer from a serious addiction to variety. It’s been leading me into adventure and trouble all my life. Those around me are often dismayed, surprised and troubled by my actions but, for all that, life is and has been full, fast and complete.

Since the start of the year I have; had my work accepted at the Royal Academy, been commissioned to photograph people, actors, bands, dogs, landscapes, wildlife, riots, weddings, celebrities, cars and politicians. So when somebody says, ’What do you specialise in?’ I can only answer photography.

It’s a passion that drives me forward with purpose. Earlier this week I got a phone call from a local journalist asking me if I wanted to cover his interview with the head of Alcatel-Lucent in Westminster. It didn’t need much thinking about especially when he informed me it was all expenses paid. Not knowing what tomorrow holds makes life unpredictable and exciting.

So, is an addiction to variety something I’m worried about? No not really… is too short, I’m going to continue to a enjoy it all.

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