Commercial photography for A2 Accident Solicitors in Rochdale

The challenge of shooting commercial photography at a busy solicitors office in Rochdale.

A busy working office is not the easiest environment in which to produce commercial photography. Staff are rushed off their feet focusing on their tasks and the last thing they need is someone pointing a camera at them. The lighting is mixed and there is always clutter in the shot. Paul, the owner, said he wanted my photographs to be honest and show how welcoming and hard working his team are.

I’m happy with real and to be honest, it’s what my eye is drawn to. Of course I can see the photographic value of a cheque being signed or  a handshake with a client but, for me, it’s pretty obvious when this has been staged. If you look at the shot on the left, it’s a group portrait and you might argue it is staged but, it’s in the office where they work and the staff are wearing their normal work clothes. I asked them to gather for the photograph so they stopped working, stood for two shots, in ambient light, and then went back to work. Believe me, I can think of easier ways of getting this shot but at what cost? Look at their faces, they are ‘real’.


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