live performance photographs - diggle blues 2013Live performance photographs of blues musicians playing at the 2013 Diggle Blues Festival.


The festival takes place annually in June and dominates the village of Diggle in Saddleworth for four days. Musicians and fans travel from all over Britain to take part in the festival.

Photographing live music is constantly challenging. Low light, packed venues and unpredictable performances test my camera and ability to the limit. That said, the biggest distraction, for me, is always the music…I enjoy it too much.

The main venues for the festival are: The Hanging Gate; The Diggle Band Club; Kilngreen Hall and the Diggle Hotel. Peformers included: Victor Brox, Paddy O’Hare, Mike Sweeney, Bluzebox, Mike Parker, Big Joe Bone, Babajack and Arthur Cale. The event is organised by Dave Wood and associates.

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