Wedding photography in BoltonWhen someone books me for a wedding I try to plan for most scenarios but when it comes to weather, I’ve often got to think on my feet. I generally preplan the day and make arrangements for the obvious such as rain etc. but sometimes I get caught out. If I get my planning right I can spend my time doing what I should be doing i.e. focusing on the photography.

Recently, I was challenged by bright sunlight. During a pre-visit to Ridgmont House in Bolton I had checked for shade, shelter and access etc but hadn’t considered the track of the sun.On the day of the wedding, the weather was glorious, really hot and not a cloud in the sky. With the bride’s white dress and the bridesmaid’s pastel colours I had to find some way to reduce the contrast and diffuse the light but most of the tree cover in the grounds was either inaccessible or inappropriate and the sun was tracking straight down the lawn. My only option was an isolated tree growing in the centre of a lawn. It wasn’t big enough for large groups as guests were being forced out into the bright sunlight. I had to quickly get creative and exercise my group management skills. I managed to make things work but a bit more thought during the planning stage would have made my life much easier. 

As they say, ‘All’s well that ends well.” Everything worked out fine and thanks to the kind cooperation of the guests, I managed to get some really great shots. 


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