wedding photography in oldhamI photographed a lovely wedding for Richard and Lisa at St Margaret’s Church in Oldham last weekend. The church is a fantastic venue for a summer wedding. Hidden away in Werneth’s urban landscape it sits within its own large gardens hidden from surrounding buildings by trees on three sides and a quiet section of Chapel Road on the other.

The interior is spacious and has a high church feel with large aisles beside the pews and a huge chancel before the altar. The light throughout is natural entering through stained glass windows on all sides. The beautifully decorated windows above the altar and the nave dominate and make a fabulous backdrop for wedding photographs.

The priest for Richard and Lisa’s wedding gave me the freedom to work anywhere except the chancel. The only restriction was no flash but I had expected that and, for the most part, I wouldn’t use flash anyway. I’m not happy using anything that distracts and draws attention away from the marriage ceremony. I even mute the shutter release on my cameras as it’s too distracting. The more I’m able to operate unobtrusively, the better my photographs are. Also, maintaining respect for the ceremony has to take top priority.

Because the weather was kind, we were able to take all the ‘traditional’ wedding photographs in the garden. With so much cover from trees and shrubs, any distracting buildings and cars etc. were hidden and the extensive tree canopy gave us great shade in the bright sunlight.

If you’re in the Oldham area and are looking for a fabulous venue, St Margaret’s should be highly recommended for both its great setting and its welcoming service.

For more information about St Margaret’s Church visit: or use my contact page to speak to me about wedding photography.

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