Commercial photograph by TTF Photography

Image taken by commercial photographer Stuart Coleman for TTF Photography

Why do you need to consider hiring a commercial photographer?

In the age of digital photography it’s never been easier to take photographs. They can be quickly snapped, edited and uploaded to the internet. Why wouldn’t you do that? Think of the money it would save.

To test this, take a quick look at social media, websites and noticeboards and then compare what you see with adverts in magazines and on top brand websites. Ask yourself which type of commercial photography, DIY who uses a cheap macro lens for Nikon or professional, you would want representing you, your products and your business. More importantly, which is going to boost your sales? The outcome is obvious, just look at any successful company and see if they cut costs with their commercial photographs. They don’t, they hire a commercial photographer because simply put, they take better images.

When you hire a commercial photographer you buy much more than photographs, you buy a complete service. A good commercial photographer will, through collaboration, understand how best to photograph you, your business, your services, your products. They understand better your needs and can accurately represent you, your vision and your sales message.

Portraying your business in the right way is critical to your success. Unique professional images will promote what is special about you, your message and your brand.


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