Commercial photography for A2 Solicitors in Rochdale

The challenge of shooting commercial photography at a busy solicitors office in Rochdale.

portrait photography solicitors stuart colemanAs a photographer, a busy working office is not the easiest environment to work in. Staff are busy and are focused on their jobs. The last thing they need, and sometimes want, is a photographer pointing a camera at them. Add to that, mixed lighting, clutter and clients coming and going, it’s a challenge.

Paul, the owner, said he wanted the photographs to be honest and natural. He wanted them to show how welcoming and hard-working his team are. That meant, for me, trying to become a fly on the wall. Watching and learning how his business ticks and how people work within that. Once I’ve found a way to tune in to what I’m seeing, I can start taking photographs.

I’m always up for real and honest as it’s what my eye is drawn to when looking at people. Although I can see the value in staging a shot such as, a cheque being signed or a handshake with a client, I can always see the flaws. I prefer to aim for ‘real’ and ‘natural’ is always more meaningful to me. If you look at the shot on the left, a portrait of Paul, I think it reflects the person I met. Confident, assured, polite and strong. 

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