Documentary Photography

Documentary photography is photography that aims to chronicle events as they happen. It’s particularly demanding because it’s fast moving and happens in real-time.

Documentary photography is my passion. Over the last sixteen years, I’ve worked professionally as a documentary photographer. I’ve photographed weddings, events, theatre, concerts along with a wide range of media events.

I’ve developed a skill set that can cope with the unique demands that this type of photography presents and I particularly enjoy working in pressured situations and environments. I’ve worked nationally and internationally covering a wide range of subjects in challenging places around the globe. This has included live theatre and open-air festivals as well as bands and stage shows. I enjoy thinking on my feet and meeting the challenge that comes with capturing real life and fast-moving action. I use top-end Nikon and Leica cameras and glass and am proficient with most Adobe applications.

Please contact me to if you would like me to cover a show, an event, collaborate on a project or photograph your performance.

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